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The Problem Is The Answer!

The problem is the answer! The key to business is problems.  Business is all about problem solving.  Be glad for problems, if you can solve problems the world will beat a path to your door.  You have heard the saying “build a better mouse trap and world will line up at your door”, the reason […]

All in on Win/Win!

Success in the free enterprise system is built around the win/win principle.  You have money–I have an item or service.  You want my item or service more than you want your money, so we trade, my item for your money.  This is a win/win situation for both of us, and we both feel better off […]

Life’s Scoreboard

  What’s your scoreboard for life? Are you caught in the trap of thinking money is the primary measure of your success?  If so, I want you to consider a few things.  If money is the ultimate reflection of a successful life, why are some of the richest people in the world miserable?  Some end […]

Evolutional Proof

The other day I mentioned to a close Friend, that my grandson believed in evolution.  My Friend asked me, “Mac, in a totally sterile, brand new environment where did the very first seed for one simple blade of grass come from?”  Maybe you have an answer–I drew a complete blank. Next, my Friend said, “Ok, […]

Mac Mayer: a Bigamist

I Mac Mayer am a bigamist. Yes it’s true.  I have tried to live a discreet conventional life, but there is another side to me and I must be true to myself, my family and society.  I admit I am a bigamist.  People that are closest to me have probably had suspicions and recognized the […]

Bill Gates Manufactures Money Pies

I’m bedazzled at the extreme brilliance of people who believe that wealth is limited.  They believe that if Bill Gates, or other wealthy people, have a huge pile of money, it leaves less for the rest of us or that it somehow hurts them.   If you understand very basic economics in a free enterprise system, […]

What’s Keeping You From Success?

Taking the position of a victim is very common in society today.  “Your Honor, my client killed those seven people because of the emotional turmoil he experienced at age three when seven of his friends got ice cream and he did not.  So really Your Honor, not only should he be found not guilty of […]

One Rule to Winning the Free Enterprise Game

So why don’t we play basketball with a baseball bat? Wham and Ouch!  You say, Mac we have rules in basketball and it doesn’t include swinging a big lethal bat on the court.  If you play that way the referee will throw you out of the game.  I understand we have actions, rules and objectives […]

Pete is Right!—The Simple Key to All Success

Understanding and applying the Peter Principle completely changed my life.  Simply stated, Pete said in his Principle that every person will rise to the level of his or her own incompetence. It seems like reverse talk.  Another way to put it is, people will rise until they reach the position where they can no longer […]

Repent to the Tooth Fairy

Even though I opened my first business and bought my first rental property at 18 I was totally oblivious to what it took to succeed. I might as well be counseling with the tooth fairy! Here is a case in point. One day when I was I was finishing a meeting with my attorney he […]

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