Life’s Scoreboard


What’s your scoreboard for life?

Are you caught in the trap of thinking money is the primary measure of your success?  If so, I want you to consider a few things.  If money is the ultimate reflection of a successful life, why are some of the richest people in the world miserable?  Some end up on drugs, are alcoholics, divorced, or commit suicide.  If money is so great and the solution to all of our problems, then why are so many people with it, miserable because of it?  What is wrong with this money picture?

Money is important, and not having any or the feeling of not having enough causes a great deal of stress in our culture.  However, a little perspective is in order.  Our motivation for getting money will largely determine whether we own it, or it owns us.

There is a focus on getting more to buy more–or perhaps more common: stressing about a perceived lack of money.  What does that say about us?  It is primarily selfish and enslaves the person with that mindset.  Focusing on giving, on the other hand, is freeing.  A 2010 study by Harvard Business School found that, across cultures, people are happiest when they are giving.

If our life scoreboard reflects how many people we help and in the process, we receive money for doing it, we will be happy because our focus will be about giving, and in the process we will be getting.

Money is an illusion of success and not real success; that is why people who use it as the scorecard of their life end up feeling empty and cheated.  It’s like running after a mirage–when we get to the end we find out that all we got was a mouth full of unsatisfying sand.

Let’s make giving our top priority and live a refreshing life of significance.

Be significant and live your life in a manner that helps others.  That’s the real scoreboard of a winning life!



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