Evolutional Proof

The other day I mentioned to a close Friend, that my grandson believed in evolution.  My Friend asked me, “Mac, in a totally sterile, brand new environment where did the very first seed for one simple blade of grass come from?”  Maybe you have an answer–I drew a complete blank.

Next, my Friend said, “Ok, let’s say somehow, after a gazillion years, a live grass seed magically appears where none ever existed before.  Will grass ever turn into a majestic redwood tree, a tulip or a water melon plant?”  I knew the answer to that question.  Nope, there is no way a blade of grass that produces after its own kind, is ever going to somehow turn into a red wood.  Plant corn seed you get corn, plant peach seeds you get peaches, plant grass seed and get a redwood!?!  Which one of these things doesn’t fit in the picture?  Any child knows this, you can’t plant grass seed and get anything but grass.

My Friend then says, “Mac, if it doesn’t work with plants it sure doesn’t work with living beings.  How did there get to be a live amoeba from absolutely nothing?  Like plants, an amoeba that reproduces after its kind is not going to somehow change into a cockroach then a tree squirrel, then a monkey, then a man.  Man was lovingly made in the image of his Father.”

My Friend is very smart!

P.S. I had my grandson read this and he said he didn’t believe in evolution after all.


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