Take Initiative–Be a Cake Eater

Ok, here is the setting.  Formal wedding reception, beautiful bride in her white flowing gown, groom stunningly handsome in his black tux.  Reception attendees gathered under a large park awning.  Dianne and I are with our five year old grandson, Reuel.  We say, “Reuel, you can OKhave some cake after they cut it.”

The bride and groom do the ceremonial cake cutting and the photo session starts.  At the same time Reuel is maneuvering forward with fascinated anticipation, inching closer to the proceedings.

Cameras flash as the bride cuts the cake.  Now, excitedly, she is looking around for someone to take the cake server from her so the pictures can continue with her newly proclaimed husband.  The bride searches hopefully for a hand to rescue her and take the cake server just as Reuel walks up to the table.  She gratefully hands him the cake server coated with fresh wedding cake and glistening icing and he, more gratefully, accepts.  I’m sure Reuel is thinking, “This is great, Grandma gives me things like this all the time when she is cooking.  Score, I know exactly what to do with this!”  So in front of the stunned audience and bride, Reuel commences to fervently clean the cake server, loving every lick of it.  Later when we asked him about it, he proudly said “I’m the winner!”  Yep, he was the winner!

Let’s all be winners and take youthful initiative to be a cake eater.  Being a “cake eater” will mean different things for everyone.  The main thing is to seize the moment, venture out, and say “let’s do it!”  “I have an idea, let’s give it a try!”  Sometimes you will get the cake, sometimes you may end up with cake on your face, but you can live life to a deeper, fuller, daring level!

People around you may be stunned, but isn’t being a CAKE EATER a great way to live?!!!


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