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“I have been working with Mac for a couple years and found tremendous benefit. If you told me a year ago I would be considering starting a company I would have said you have the wrong guy. Working with Mac has opened my eyes to see my skills and resources in a promotional and growing perspective. I could not have done this alone. Now, I am working on more then one idea and I am excited about it. Mac has given me a great way to dream and meditate on ideas while having a solid sounding board to discuss them. The coaching has brought me further out of my previous comfort zone but with an appropriate balance now to continue moving forward. I do not come from a business background, in fact, I have no training in business at all.

During this time I have learned not only business aspects, but also professional ones. Mac has given me practical ways to conduct daily interactions in the meetings I have. Seeing how to use email and other resources as a way to add follow-up and clarity to these meetings. There have been challenges at work with personalities and positions. Mac has guided me on simple approaches that work in nearly most situations to help redirect the tension so the goal gets accomplished and everyone wins.

For me, Mac’s insight and frame of reference has helped cultivate a few random ideas into a solid working thought process that is being refined into a real tangible product, and along the way I have been able to turn potential set backs into an improved perspective.” –Derrick D. MD, Boise, Idaho

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The Problem Is The Answer!

The problem is the answer!

The key to business is problems.  Business is all about problem solving.  Be glad for problems, if you can solve problems the world will beat a path to your door.  You have heard the saying “build a better mouse trap and world will line up at your door”, the reason they are lining up at your door is not so they can buy the best mouse trap but to get rid of their mice problem.  If the world did not have a mice problem who cares about a trap?

Customers come to businesses because they have a problem.  I need to solve X.  I need to keep the neighbor’s dog out of my yard and my options are building a fence or buy a gun.  If I buy a gun I may have another problem and I will need an attorney.  If I decide to build the fence myself I have the problem of knowledge on fence construction, materials, tools and time.  All these problems need to be solved to have the fence completed in a satisfactory manner.

My other option is to call your fence company and have you solve all of these problems for me.  The harder and more crucial the problems are to solve and the less people there are to solve the problems the more I will have to pay to have the problem solved.  So when you think of a rental car agency, dentist, or web site designer, these companies are around to solve your problem.  The better they serve you in problem solving the better they do.

Employee jobs are also about problem solving.  If companies did not have a problem they would not need to hire employees.  Companies may need more sales so they hire a salesman.   They may need help in having there salespeople succeed to a higher level and so they hire a sales manager.  The company needs to keep track of their finances so they hire a bookkeeper and an accountant.

To succeed in business look for hard problems that you can solve.  If you can solve the world’s problems people will line up at your doorstep with money to spend.

So you see the problem in the answer!


Mac Mayer, Teaches giving money Away! Mac started his first company and bought his first investment property at 18 years old, which led him to being semi-retired in his 40′s. Today Mac’s mission in life is to help others prosper in business and life and encourages them to use their wealth to impact the lives of others. Mac’s non-profit foundation, Financial Freedom Foundation, and his latest book, Youth CEO, teach wealth in an easy to follow step by step manner. Mac is a Businessman, Author, Speaker and Coach. Learn more at

All in on Win/Win!

Success in the free enterprise system is built around the win/win principle.  You have money–I have an item or service.  You want my item or service more than you want your money, so we trade, my item for your money.  This is a win/win situation for both of us, and we both feel better off after the transaction.  The businesses that are the most successful in the free enterprise system are the ones that have profitably helped the most people win and be better off through transactions.  Win/win is the hallmark trait of success in the Free Enterprise System.  If you take advantage of customers or rip them off you, they will tell others not to buy from you and thankfully you will go out of business because you are not helping people be better off.

Develop the habit of helping others to win in every area of life.  Blessing others and being blessed in return is a great way to live.  It’s a law: what you plant, you will receive back.  Be a giver.  Give of your finances, knowledge, time, and friendship; it will all come back to you, just increased.  Have you ever noticed what happens when you plant a smile on someone?  You’re right; they just can’t help but harvest a smile back to you.  Look for ways to win by helping others win and ultimately you will win too.

We believe so much in the concept of win/win, that we started a business called All Win Business Strategies based on the viewpoint that if we are doing things right in business everyone will win; the business wins, the employees win, and the customer wins.  Be all in on win/win!


Mac Mayer, Teaches giving money Away!  Mac started his first company and bought his first investment property at 18 years old, which led him to being semi-retired in his 40′s.  Today Mac’s mission in life is to help others prosper in business and life and encourages them to use their wealth to impact the lives of others.  Mac’s non-profit foundation, Financial Freedom Foundation, and his latest book, Youth CEO, teach wealth in an easy to follow step by step manner.  Mac is a Businessman, Author, Speaker and Coach.



Life’s Scoreboard


What’s your scoreboard for life?

Are you caught in the trap of thinking money is the primary measure of your success?  If so, I want you to consider a few things.  If money is the ultimate reflection of a successful life, why are some of the richest people in the world miserable?  Some end up on drugs, are alcoholics, divorced, or commit suicide.  If money is so great and the solution to all of our problems, then why are so many people with it, miserable because of it?  What is wrong with this money picture?

Money is important, and not having any or the feeling of not having enough causes a great deal of stress in our culture.  However, a little perspective is in order.  Our motivation for getting money will largely determine whether we own it, or it owns us.

There is a focus on getting more to buy more–or perhaps more common: stressing about a perceived lack of money.  What does that say about us?  It is primarily selfish and enslaves the person with that mindset.  Focusing on giving, on the other hand, is freeing.  A 2010 study by Harvard Business School found that, across cultures, people are happiest when they are giving.

If our life scoreboard reflects how many people we help and in the process, we receive money for doing it, we will be happy because our focus will be about giving, and in the process we will be getting.

Money is an illusion of success and not real success; that is why people who use it as the scorecard of their life end up feeling empty and cheated.  It’s like running after a mirage–when we get to the end we find out that all we got was a mouth full of unsatisfying sand.

Let’s make giving our top priority and live a refreshing life of significance.

Be significant and live your life in a manner that helps others.  That’s the real scoreboard of a winning life!



Evolutional Proof

The other day I mentioned to a close Friend, that my grandson believed in evolution.  My Friend asked me, “Mac, in a totally sterile, brand new environment where did the very first seed for one simple blade of grass come from?”  Maybe you have an answer–I drew a complete blank.

Next, my Friend said, “Ok, let’s say somehow, after a gazillion years, a live grass seed magically appears where none ever existed before.  Will grass ever turn into a majestic redwood tree, a tulip or a water melon plant?”  I knew the answer to that question.  Nope, there is no way a blade of grass that produces after its own kind, is ever going to somehow turn into a red wood.  Plant corn seed you get corn, plant peach seeds you get peaches, plant grass seed and get a redwood!?!  Which one of these things doesn’t fit in the picture?  Any child knows this, you can’t plant grass seed and get anything but grass.

My Friend then says, “Mac, if it doesn’t work with plants it sure doesn’t work with living beings.  How did there get to be a live amoeba from absolutely nothing?  Like plants, an amoeba that reproduces after its kind is not going to somehow change into a cockroach then a tree squirrel, then a monkey, then a man.  Man was lovingly made in the image of his Father.”

My Friend is very smart!

P.S. I had my grandson read this and he said he didn’t believe in evolution after all.


Mac Mayer: a Bigamist

I Mac Mayer am a bigamist.

Yes it’s true.  I have tried to live a discreet conventional life, but there is another side to me and I must be true to myself, my family and society.  I admit I am a bigamist.  People that are closest to me have probably had suspicions and recognized the signs.  I am in love with —Ideas.

It started when I was a young man; I would look at a business with its attractive colors and sleek distribution system and ask myself,” What if?”  I’d fantasize for hours about the possibilities.  As a teen, I would sit alone with– you guessed it– ideas.  I was always secretly sneaking off to spend time with them.  Now, as a business strategist, my whole life centers around developing ideas for a vast array of individuals and companies.

My patient, caring wife has tried to intercede and get me to stop, without success.  She has thoughtfully questioned, “Doesn’t your mind ever stop?”  “No,” I would hesitantly answer.   You can’t help it when you’re in love, you just can’t stop thinking of the object of your affection.   It’s a good thing my wife is strong and has come to accept me as I am.

To be clear, not all ideas are created equal.  I know I’m harsh but I won’t even give some ideas a second glance and with others, I react in disdain or laughter.  Some ideas are only good for an intriguing one-night stand; we meet, we embrace, and all too quickly, it’s over–the idea was attractive and luring on the outside, but inside I found it shallow, without substance, and  with no reason for a 2nd encounter.  Other ideas are appealing and seem to have essence and potential, we get together occasionally for a cup of coffee, or late night rendezvous.  I hate to sound selfish but I’m always trying to discover their flaws and hidden problems or traits that lay deep within that can’t be overcome.  If the offense is too large, I may banish them and never visit with them again.  Just between you and me, I still may daydream about them and longingly wonder what might have been.  But alas, I must move on to other more meaningful relationships.  Some ideas have started with a causal glance, a flirting look, and grown to an occasional meeting, if I see potential there is even courting and then that magical time when we become engaged and possibly marry.

I will be honest with you; marriage to an idea doesn’t guarantee a storybook ending where we all live happily ever after.  Oh no, I have had some sleepless nights, wondering if I really had made the right decision.  To be completely vulnerable with you, I must tell you that not all of my relationships have worked out.  Yes, I admit I have had some divorces.  It pains me to say this, but even after all that time spent courting, in pre-marital counseling and the I do’s there was still another side that I wasn’t aware of and in time I had to take a stand and say it’s over.

I have made the admission that I’m an idea bigamist.  To some it’s wrong, but truthfully, we are happy together.  It’s true that I can’t be with each one all the time but I believe it is working out.  There are consequences of marriage.  Yes over the years we have had many children and grandchildren.   I am a proud dad and if you and I met over coffee, I might even pull out the family scrapbook.  Yet deep inside, I still have this driving thought of a younger newer idea, maybe even one that has never been pursued before.  Oh, No!  It’s worse, I’m not only a bigamist I’m an idea polygamist!

Bill Gates Manufactures Money Pies

I’m bedazzled at the extreme brilliance of people who believe that wealth is limited.  They believe that if Bill Gates, or other wealthy people, have a huge pile of money, it leaves less for the rest of us or that it somehow hurts them.   If you understand very basic economics in a free enterprise system,  Bill Gates and others  prosper  because they are making a product that people feel that they will be better off by buying and they are willing to trade their money for it.  Bill then needs to hire people and build a factory to provide the items to his willing customers.  Obviously the builders are happy that Bill is building a factory, a big home and, hopefully, 2nd and 3rd homes.  Every time he builds something, others are better off!  Then Bill hires a full staff of employees, all of whom are better off because they are now making more money.  Do these employees horde their money?  No! They give it to the guy at the grocery store or to a car salesman, so all of these people are better off.

If we want people to prosper in America, we need thousand of more businesses to succeed because everyone will be better off–including the poorest people, who will then have a chance to get jobs to pursue their goals and dreams or even people who need charitable handouts.   Traditionally, the wealthy have been the biggest givers to help others. It’s called compassionate capitalism.  The bottom line is broke people can’t help broke people!  The government is better off because they make more money when more people are working and off of welfare and unemployment.  Also, additional tax revenues are being generated.  The moral to the story is, we all have a civic responsibility to be like Bill Gates and become wealthy, then everyone will be better off.  Wealth isn’t like a pie chart; it’s like creating pie manufacturing companies, cranking out more money pies!


What’s Keeping You From Success?

Taking the position of a victim is very common in society today.  “Your Honor, my client killed those seven people because of the emotional turmoil he experienced at age three when seven of his friends got ice cream and he did not.  So really Your Honor, not only should he be found not guilty of the crime, but ice cream companies around the world should be held liable for his trauma, and he should receive ice cream for life.”
Look, life can be ugly, brutal, and unfair.  Get over it.  I’m sure every person alive today can come up with some reason to fail.  “My mom didn’t hold me enough, my dad wasn’t around, my little sister took my blankie, the neighbor beat me with a shovel….”  I know! I get it!  Mean, evil, terrible things happen every moment.  Sorry, life isn’t fair, and it never really will be, so move on.  No matter how bad you have had it; other people have had it worse and succeeded, so stop complaining about the past.  Actually if you aren’t from a divorced alcoholic family, you probably aren’t quite right since that seems like today’s “normal” family.  But rest easy, I think you can still succeed.  All kidding aside, if you need counseling, and most of us probably do, there is no shame in that; I have been there.  Get the professional help you need, get healthy, and move forward.
That said, if there are injustices or inappropriate things happening to you or others that you know, GET HELP NOW.  Don’t let it continue.  Be brave and sound the alarm if things aren’t right; talk to someone you trust, whatever you need to do–get help.  There are resources available on-line, through counselors, churches, and other organizations, so if one person won’t listen or do anything about the situation, keep moving and find someone who will.  I’m proud of you for making a stand against injustice, forgiving, and moving on with life by not being a victim.


One Rule to Winning the Free Enterprise Game

So why don’t we play basketball with a baseball bat? Wham and Ouch!  You say, Mac we have rules in basketball and it doesn’t include swinging a big lethal bat on the court.  If you play that way the referee will throw you out of the game.  I understand we have actions, rules and objectives to games and the better we play by them it increases our potential for winning.  What about the game of Free Enterprise that we play every day; what are the actions, rules and objectives for this game?

Through our company we teach a seminar on Rules to the Game of Free Enterprise.  It’s amazing to me how many people are trying to succeed in business and don’t know the actions, objectives and rules to the game.  They just say, “We want to make money”.  Right, money is an objective and a form of score keeping but what actions do you need to go through to score the money.   They are brining a bat to the basketball court, to score some money, and wondering why things aren’t working out.

Just like with every game there is an action that leads to an objective and rules to govern how the objective gets done.  The objective may be to score points by the action, shooting a basketball through a hoop, and there are rules of sportsmanship implemented by a referee to govern the play of the game.  In business, we sometimes start thinking of the desired objective of money but forget about the right action to get there.

The basic action for basketball is to shoot the ball.  In business the basic action is an agreement for fair exchange.  A basic example of fair exchange is, if I have a pen and I’m willing to sell it to you for $1, and you are willing to buy it.  This action happens because we both feel this is a fair exchange and we are better off by agreeing to the exchange.  When this agreement happens, free enterprise is created; we were free to enterprise.  Mutual exchange is the action like shooting the ball; shooting the ball with the desired result through to hoop is when we make a mutual exchange with a profit.  So if we have an agreement of exchange, we shoot the ball.  If we do it profitably, the shot goes through the hoop and we score points, or money which goes into our score board bank account!

The main element to the game of free enterprise is to profitably help other to be better off, through mutual agreement within the rules that the referee (the government) sets up.  If you’re not winning the game, it’s because you’re not serving your customers in a profitable way.  When we started our company we named it All Win Business Strategies, because we always want to remember that our main objective is in helping others to Win and be better off!

Isn’t’ it a great way to win in the free enterprise game by helping others to be better off?

What about you?  What can you do to profitably make your customers, employees, community and yourself better off?  It’s the way to win the Game!

Pete is Right!—The Simple Key to All Success

Understanding and applying the Peter Principle completely changed my life.  Simply stated, Pete said in his Principle that every person will rise to the level of his or her own incompetence. It seems like reverse talk.  Another way to put it is, people will rise until they reach the position where they can no longer work competently.

I interpret it like this: however smart I am, that is how far I can progress in my life.  If I don’t get a promotion at work, I need to educate myself so that I can.  Let’s face it, if I knew everything that presidents of large corporations know, I would have their job, but I don’t.  Therefore, I need to keep growing, and I need to raise my level of competence.  How many people don’t take the time to read a book, go to a class, or attend a seminar after they finish school? They are stuck where they are for their entire life because they will only rise to the success level that their knowledge allows!  These same people are the ones complaining about life and their dead end job.  They say things like, “Life is unfair” and “They never promote me; I just don’t get any breaks.”

The Peter Principle affects all of us in every area of life.  The bottom line is this: if I’m not making the amount of money I want to make, I’m not competent enough.  If my wife and I are fighting all the time, it’s because there is room for us to grow in our relationship skills. If I’m over weight, I don’t have the knowledge of healthy foods, calories or the competency of self discipline to workout.  If I have bad relationships, it may be because I don’t have the self image, people skills, or abilities to choose the right friends.

I can compound the issue when I won’t admit that a problem exists or accept responsibility for it.  Instead, I blame a job, fate, the economy, my metabolism or others and do nothing while the problem gets worse.  With the vast resources available through print media and the web, there is no excuse for not tracking down additional information for success.

One of the most important things we can do in every area of our life is to raise our competency.  My personal goal is to become a more competent businessperson, husband and follower of God.  To do this, I will need to take classes, listen to audios and associate with people who are successful in these areas. What about you?  Where are areas in your life that you can apply Pete’s Principle and achieve radical success?

Repent to the Tooth Fairy

Even though I opened my first business and bought my first rental property at 18 I was totally oblivious to what it took to succeed. I might as well be counseling with the tooth fairy! Here is a case in point. One day when I was I was finishing a meeting with my attorney he said to me, “Mac, “I read Forbes every month; would you like to READ the last issue?” I manage to slowly nod my head up and down and mumble a barely audible, “Sure”. My mind, however, just realizes what happened. He said “read” I don’t read!
I was a terrible student in school and gave up on reading. I had sworn a holy oath in memory of the tooth fairy in 4th grade to never read another book! Hold it, he said magazine. Magazines have pictures. I wouldn’t actually need to read it; I could look at the pictures. I snap back to reality, “yeah Paul, yeah I will read the, ah, Forbes. Yeah, eh, thanks. He hands me the magazine and I walk, stunned, out of his office still not fully knowing what a Forbes is that I had promised to read.
I get back to my office to look at the pictures. What caught my eye was an article about the wealthiest CEO’s in the nation and their personal life. The magazine asked, what car do you drive and what are your favorite vacations spots, etc? Those are awesome questions. One of the questions I thought was totally a waste of paper was, what books impacted you in the last year. Hello! That is a stupid question! Why would the top CEO’s in the nation waste their time reading books when they obviously already know everything there is to know. That’s why they are the very top CEO’s, right? I don’t read books, why would they?
However, when I read their in-depth list of all the amazing books they had read, their analysis of them and how they were impacted, I had an inward sinking feeling that one of us was extremely stupid and I knew exactly who it was! ME! That’s the day I repented of my promise to the tooth fairy and decided I had better learn to read if I wanted to succeed.
My reading was slow and pathetic, but since then I have read hundreds of success oriented books that have totally changed my life. What about you. Do you need to repent to the Tooth Fairy or some other myth and start the reading habit like the top successes in the world? Join me; I know the tooth fairy will understand, even though there may not be coins under your pillow. Your new habit will reap rewards; mine has!
Some of the most influential books that I read this past year are: The Upside of Adversity by Oz Hillman, Take God Out of the Box by Chuck Ripka, and The Autobiography of Ben Franklin–Shucks who wrote that?
What books have you read that have impacted you?


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